Monday, 30 November 2015

City vs Sarisbury: The Highest Scoring Match in Recent League History!

This evening was the away match at Sarisbury and it was a night of superlatives.
The last match of the year.
The first possible (100) from a City shooter this season.
The highest team score of the season so far.
The highest scoring match in the Portsmouth & District League for at least the last three seasons.
Unfortunately, it was also:
The first possibles scored against City this season, and...
The first City loss of the season.
Here were the scores:

Sarisbury - 495

T. Gleed (100)
M. Guille (98)
P. Pearce (98)
M. Frost (94)
M. Holdway (99)
G. Barber (97)
P. Fitzsimmons (100)
D. Cleeve (96)
Portsmouth City - 492

I. Cooper (97)
M. Nevatte (98)
A. Nevatte (98)
P. Upchurch (94)
G. Scruton (100)
L. Haskett (93)
S. Hart (98)
R. Ashman (98)

So this was a high scoring match that saw City rise to the occasion admirably.  Our team average is now 486.6 and the team score of 492 solidly bests our previous best this season of 489 and is the best team score we've had for at least the last three years!

However, Sarisbury ain't the reigning league champions for nothing, folks!  Many congratulations to them for also shooting their highest score of the season so far and their highest scores for the last three seasons as well!

Special congratulations to T. Gleed, P. Fitzsimmons and G. Scruton for their possibles.

Mid-Season Report

Portsmouth City has shot 7 of its 14 matches of the Portsmouth & District 2015/16 shoulder-to-shoulder season.  So far we've had 6 wins and 1 loss and our current team average is 486.6.

(483) Portsmouth City vs Havant (480)
Win (see results)
(481) Portsmouth City vs Fareham (473)
Win (see results)
(487) Portsmouth City vs Chichester (465)
Win (see results)
(481) West Meon vs Portsmouth City (487)
Win (see results)
(487) Portsmouth City vs Portsmouth Railway (482)
Win (see results)
(483) Wickham vs Portsmouth City (489)
Win (see results)
(495) Sarisbury vs Portsmouth City (492)
Loss (see results)

Best shoulder-to-shoulder averages so far are:

1st: Ian Cooper (97.57)
2nd: Marian Nevatte (97.29)
3rd: Sarah Hart & Gordon Scruton (97.17)

Monday, 23 November 2015

City adds another win to the season!

Portsmouth City goes from strength to strength as it adds another win to what is turning out to be a very successful season.  We were away at Wickham tonight and achieved the best score of the season so far (and equalling our last match against Wickham in the 2014/15 season).

Wickham A - 483

S. Dismore (94)
R. Heasell (97)
T. Caister (92)
M. Barnes (98)
M. Ward (92)
I. Nichols (96)
R. Long (96)
E. Malleson (96)

J. Willsher (92)
Portsmouth City - 489

I. Cooper (97)
M. Nevatte (96)
A. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (97)
J. Rowe (96)
P. Upchurch (99)
G. Scruton (95)
R. Ashman (98)

So we now have 6 wins, no losses or draws and that gives us 12 championship points and a team average that now equals our average from last season, 485.7.  Next Monday sees us face last season's champions, Sarisbury, in our last match of 2015 so we're all hoping to keep the momentum going.

Friday, 20 November 2015

City vs Railway

Last night, the main Portsmouth City team faced off against fellow Portsmouth team, Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club, and it looks like City's moment is far from slowing!

Portsmouth City - 487

M. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (99)
L. Haskett (94)
I. Cooper (98)
A. Nevatte (97)
P. Upchurch (95)
J. Rowe (95)
R. Ashman (95)
Portsmouth Railway - 482

J. Ring (96)
M. Carter (94)
K. Hardyman (99)
C. Richards (96)
N. Toms (95)
N. Perman (96)
C. Coles (95)

This home match saw City score its third successive 487 and now has a team average of 485.  Portsmouth City's championship points are now in double figures (10) with 5 wins, no losses and no draws.  Still no possibles (perfect 100s) but we'll all get another chance to do that at our away match at Wickham on Monday. :-)

Well done to Portsmouth Railway for their very respectable scores and providing a relatively close match.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

West Meon vs Portsmouth City (Our 1st Away Match of the Season)

This evening saw the City team trek up to deepest, darkest West Meon!  It was our 4th match of the season and our 1st away match.  Thankfully, after a shaky start, City appears to have found its form.

West Meon - 481

G. Dalton (94)
A. Smith (95)
M. Atkins (98)
G. Stone (95)
P. Hannington (97)
D. Corbett (96)
R. Amor (91)
Portsmouth City - 487

M. Nevatte (98)
I. Cooper (98)
A. Nevatte (93)
J. Rowe (94)
G. Scruton (98)
S Hart (99)

City equals its score from our last match against Chichester and our team average for the season now rests at 484.5.  Not bad but come on City, we can do better - there hasn't even been a ton yet!

So despite not having a full-strength team, we've managed to chalk up another win and look forward to meeting Portsmouth Railway next week!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

City wins during the Summer Season!

Now that all the scores are in from the various competitions that Portsmouth City shooters were taking part in over the summer, here is how we did!

A Team
Winners Division 1
(Ian Cooper, Adam Nevatte, Marian Nevatte, Gordon Scruton) 

B Team
Runners Up Div 3
(Mike McCormick, Dave Reeves, Jonny Rowe, Phil Upchurch)

A lot of shooters also took part in individual competitions over the summer and for some of them it was their first competition experience.  In the P&D indoor postal league, special congratulations go to Ian for winning his division, and to Gordon, Jonny, and Mike for coming runner up in their respective divisions.

Gordon Scruton
Runner Up Div 1

Ian Cooper
Winner Div 2

Phil Upchurch
3rd Place Div 5

Lou Stafford
10th Place Div 5

Jonny Rowe
Runner Up Div 6

Adrian Fallows
7th Place Div 8

Mike McCormick
Runner Up Div 10

Dave Reeves
5th Place Div 10

The Civil Service indoor postal leagues provided the first match experience for George, Mark, Paul, Mike Carpenter, Dave Allen, and Dan.  Well done to all of them for completing their first shooting competition.  Special congratulations go to Phil, Jonny, Mike Hellyer, Paul and David Owen for winning their divisions.

Gordon Scruton
3rd Place Div 1 

Phil Upchurch 
Winner Div 7 

Jonny Rowe 
Winner Div 10 

Stephanie Furness-Barr 
Runner Up Div 11 
4th Place Ladies’ Div 1 

Mike McCormick 
Runner Up Div 16 

Dave Reeves 
Runner Up Div 10 

Mike Hellyer 
Winner Div 19 

George Herron 
Runner Up Div 19 

Mark Lipsham 
4th Place Div 19 

Paul Scrivens 
Winner Div 20 

Adrian Fallows 
Runner Up Div 20 

Mike Carpenter 
3rd Place Div 20 

Dave Allen 
4th Place Div 20 

David Owen 
Winner Div 21 

Dan Carpenter 
Runner Up Div 21

Gordon Scruton
Runner Up Div 2

Jonny Rowe
Winner Div 7

Dave Reeves
Runner Up Div 11

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Portsmouth City vs Chichester (The Home Match)

Thursday evening saw Portsmouth City's third match of the 2015-16 shoulder-to-shoulder season  It was another home match, this time against Chichester, and this time the City team was at full strength and on fine form.

Portsmouth City - 487

I. Cooper (98)
A. Nevatte (98)
P. Upchurch (97)
M. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (95)
R. Ashman (96)
J. Rowe (95)
G. Scruton (94)*
Chichester - 465

S. Sadler (94)
C. Wade (88)
J. Peart (89)
W. Williamson (94)
N. Logan (96)
S. Jenkins (92)

City now appears to be finding its form with a score of 487, which is on the far more preferable side of the team average last year (485.7) than the 483 or 481 of our other matches this season so far.  It was a pity that Chichester wasn't able to field a complete team of 8 but we look forward to facing them again later in the season on their own range.

So Portsmouth City now has 6 championship points this season.  3 wins, no losses, no draws.  However, we expect more exciting shooting is to come as the first City possible (perfect 100) has yet to be shot and we have a number of matches happening over November.

* P. S.  G. Scruton's poor individual score that led to him being counted out of this particular match is not the reason this match report was late in being posted online... despite the ribbing he received at the match! :-)