Friday, 26 February 2016

PCRC rounds off the 2015/16 season with another win!

Well, that's the end of the Portsmouth & District shoulder-to-shoulder season.  PCRC's last match was at home this week against Wickham and we're pleased to say it was another win and a good score for our aggregate.  Here are the results:

Portsmouth City - 489

M. Nevatte (97)
A. Nevatte (99)
I. Cooper (99)
G. Scruton (97)
D. Reeves (90)
P. Upchurch (94)
L. Haskett (94)
R. Ashman (97)
Wickham - 476

A. Peters (91)
M. Ward (92)
T. Caister (91)
S. Dismore (99)
M. Barnes (91)
R. Heasell (96)
T. Malleson (97)
J. Willsher (92)

The team's average for this season was 486.7 (a whole point improvement on our average from last year, 485.7).  We have yet to find out where we stand in the overall ranking for the league (we'll have to wait to know the outcome of a few other matches from this week).

Special congratulations go to Richard Ashman of Portsmouth City, who managed to turn up just before we were about to turn off the lights and shot a perfectly respectable 97 with the range to himself.

Our final stats for the 2015/16 season are as follows:

14 matches (11 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses)
Total League Points: 23
Aggregate Score: 6814
Scoring Team Average (top 5 shooters of each match): 486.7
Top Shoulder-to-Shoulder Average: 97.25 (Gordon Scruton, 12 matches)

The competition for the best individual average was once again close this year, with 6 shooters all being within half a point of each other:

1st: Gordon Scruton (97.25, 12 matches)
2nd: Sarah Hart (97.08, 12 matches)
3rd: Ian Cooper (97.07, 14 matches)
4th: Richard Ashman (97.00, 10 matches)
5th: Marian Nevatte (96.93, 14 matches)
6th: Adam Nevatte (96.86, 14 matches)

Special thanks go to Marian Nevatte for her final season as captain of the team, and to the following shooters for attendance and participation at all 14 matches:

Ian Cooper
Marian Nevatte
Adam Nevatte

No shooters managed to get counted in for every match (going to show that we all have our bad shoots and that at the end of the day it's the team result that matters).  However, the most consistently counted in shooter this season was Marian Nevatte, who was counted in 12 out of the 14 matches she shot.

We'll update everyone once we find out our overall standing for the championship.  We were runners up last year, so we'll be hoping to match if not improve on that.  Fingers crossed.  To view the results and match reports for the rest of the season, click here.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PCRC is back on form! (2016 Matches, pt 2)

Following on from part 1 of the 2016 match update, here's how our three most recent matches have gone (Spoiler Alert!!! - it's better than part one).

Our away match against Chichester saw another solid yet unremarkable result from the Portsmouth City team (unfortunately pushing our average down every so slightly).

Chichester - 476

W. Williamson (90)
K. Tulloch (96)
J. Peart (91)
C. Wade (94)
S. Jenkins (94)
N. Logan (97)
S. Sadler (95)
G. Hawker (81)

N. Hayward (89)
Portsmouth City - 486

I. Cooper (94)
S. Hart (97)
L. Haskett (97)
M. Nevatte (96)
G. Scruton (98*)
J. Rowe (96)
A. Nevatte (98)
P. Upchurch (93)

If you are wondering want the start next to G. Scruton's score means, it means that somebody (him) got a penalty point for being a right monkey and shooting twice on one target (see below).

The next match was against West Meon at home:

Portsmouth City - 487

M. Nevatte (99)
A. Nevatte (97)
I. Cooper (98)
P. Upchurch (96)
S. Hart (96)
J. Rowe (95)
R. Ashman (97)
West Meon - 475

G. Stone (92)
P. Hannington (96)
J. Dalton (99)
R. King (92)
A. Smith (92)
D. Corbett (96)
R. Amor (88)

So another convincing solid win and a positive score for our overall average.  From this, we moved on to our penultimate match...

Our most recent match was against Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club.  In this case it was just 7 of us and those that shot well, shot well, those that didn't, didn't.

Portsmouth Railway - 482

M. Carter (95)
C. Richards (95)
C. Coles (94)
N. Perman (93)
N. Toms (95)
K. Hardyman (98)
J. Ring (99)
J. Stockham (95)
Portsmouth City - 488

I. Cooper (94)
M. Nevatte (94)
G. Scruton (98)
A. Nevatte (99)
S. Hart (98)
J. Rowe (89)
R. Ashman (99)

So we have one match still to go this season - Wickham at home, who came third last season so it will be important for us to get a convincing win next Thursday.  These are our current stats:

10 wins, 1 draw, losses
Team Average: 486.5
See all the results here.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A win, a loss, and a draw (2016 Matches, pt 1)

We've had a few matches since our last post at the beginning of the month.

Unfortunately our success at West Meon at the end of last year has not been followed by the string of success we had hoped for but PCRC is by no means out of contention.  Here's how the matches went:

Havant A - 482

A. Morley (96)
A. Perry (94)
D. Cotton (99)
J. Allsop (94)
L. Hanna (95)
S. Lavin (95)
T. Brown (97)
Portsmouth City - 481

I. Cooper (97)
M. Nevatte (95)
A. Nevatte (96)
G. Scruton (97)
S. Hart (94)
P. Upchurch (95)
J. Rowe (96)

So it was 7 vs 7 and neither side shot particularly well and we were beaten by virtue of Havant shooting just that little bit less badly than we did.

Oh well... our next match was at home against the current champions, Sarisbury, who we had a particularly high scoring loss against earlier this season.  This had to be a far better score than the previous week against Havant, and thankfully it was.  Here's how we did:

Portsmouth City - 491

M. Nevatte (97)
A. Nevatte (96)
I. Cooper (98)
G. Scruton (98)
S. Hart (100)
J. Rowe (96)
P. Upchurch (95)
R. Ashman (98)
 Sarisbury - 491

M. Guille (99)
M. Frost (98)
G. Barber (94)
T. Gleed (99)
M. Holdway (97)
P. Pearce (98)
P. Fitzsimmons (94)

So, a high scoring match for both teams but an eventual draw.  Congratulations to Sarah Hart for getting a ton.

Our next match was against Fareham on their range.  It had now been three matches since a win for PCRC in the shoulder-to-shoulder league, so we were hungry for another win if was stood any chance of not slipping too far down the league table.  Luckily, we managed quite nicely:

Fareham - 472

D. Shepperd (99)
D. Blake (92)
M. Cakewell (92)
D. Fry (92)
M. King (84)
D. Accourt (80)
D. Spendlove (97)
M. Salisbury (82)
Portsmouth City - 486

I. Cooper (96)
M. Nevatte (98)
G. Scruton (96)
S. Hart (97)
A. Nevatte (95)
P. Upchurch (93)
J. Rowe (95)
R. Ashman (99)

L. Haskett (95)

So no particularly remarkable scores but a good solid addition to our aggregate.  At this point our stats were as follows:

7 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses
Team Average: 486.4

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