Saturday, 9 January 2016

City's First Match of 2016!

Happy New Year!

Been a bit too busy recently to update this blog but hopefully that's made up for with a few different posts with news.  First of all, City got started with its first match for this season's Arthur Lee Cup - round 2 against West Meon Rifle Club.  If you are wondering how we did in round 1, we got a bye and automatic progression to the second round without needing shoot (bit of a pity, we always like reasons to shoot).

So how did we do?

West Meon - 1135

G. Stone (94, 93)
A. Smith (94, 96)
M. Atkins (93, 94)
P. Hannington (94, 95)
D. Corbett (92, 95)
J. Dalton (97, 98)
  Portsmouth City - 1169

I. Cooper (98, 99)
A. Nevatte (97, 98)
S. Hart (97, 97)
M. Nevatte (98, 99)
G. Scruton (98, 96)
R. Ashman (97, 95)

So, we are through to the next round!  Congratulations to Ian and Marian for their excellent scores and commiserations to West Meon - better luck next year!