Sunday, 1 November 2015

Portsmouth City vs Chichester (The Home Match)

Thursday evening saw Portsmouth City's third match of the 2015-16 shoulder-to-shoulder season  It was another home match, this time against Chichester, and this time the City team was at full strength and on fine form.

Portsmouth City - 487

I. Cooper (98)
A. Nevatte (98)
P. Upchurch (97)
M. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (95)
R. Ashman (96)
J. Rowe (95)
G. Scruton (94)*
Chichester - 465

S. Sadler (94)
C. Wade (88)
J. Peart (89)
W. Williamson (94)
N. Logan (96)
S. Jenkins (92)

City now appears to be finding its form with a score of 487, which is on the far more preferable side of the team average last year (485.7) than the 483 or 481 of our other matches this season so far.  It was a pity that Chichester wasn't able to field a complete team of 8 but we look forward to facing them again later in the season on their own range.

So Portsmouth City now has 6 championship points this season.  3 wins, no losses, no draws.  However, we expect more exciting shooting is to come as the first City possible (perfect 100) has yet to be shot and we have a number of matches happening over November.

* P. S.  G. Scruton's poor individual score that led to him being counted out of this particular match is not the reason this match report was late in being posted online... despite the ribbing he received at the match! :-)

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