Monday, 23 November 2015

City adds another win to the season!

Portsmouth City goes from strength to strength as it adds another win to what is turning out to be a very successful season.  We were away at Wickham tonight and achieved the best score of the season so far (and equalling our last match against Wickham in the 2014/15 season).

Wickham A - 483

S. Dismore (94)
R. Heasell (97)
T. Caister (92)
M. Barnes (98)
M. Ward (92)
I. Nichols (96)
R. Long (96)
E. Malleson (96)

J. Willsher (92)
Portsmouth City - 489

I. Cooper (97)
M. Nevatte (96)
A. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (97)
J. Rowe (96)
P. Upchurch (99)
G. Scruton (95)
R. Ashman (98)

So we now have 6 wins, no losses or draws and that gives us 12 championship points and a team average that now equals our average from last season, 485.7.  Next Monday sees us face last season's champions, Sarisbury, in our last match of 2015 so we're all hoping to keep the momentum going.

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