Sunday, 22 January 2017

Our Chichester Away Match

Apologies for the delay in getting this match report out.  It was City's turn to visit Chichester last Thursday for our away match against them.  The last match saw us secure a convincing win against the most eastern of the Portsmouth & District teams (please take a moment to visit and 'like' the association's new Facebook page if you haven't already done so).  However, that was a home match with a full team; this time around, Chichester had the home advantage and, owing to a number of reasons, the City team was far from full strength.

Here's how we did:

Chichester - 479

J. Peart (89)
W. Williamson (95)
K. Tulloch (96)
S. Sadler (96)
N. Hayward (93)
N. Logan (91)
P. Leggett (99)
S. Jenkins (90)

C. Wade (83)
E. Hawker (81)
Portsmouth City - 492

A. Nevatte (98)
S. Hart (95)
L. Haskett (100)
T. Sommerville (92)
G. Scruton (99)
I. Cooper (100)

This was quite a score for City (our best this season and equalling our best last season).  Congratulations always go to those, regardless of their team, who score a 100, in this case I. Cooper and L. Haskett, but special congratulations must go to Ms. Haskett for following up her first ever 100 with her first ever match 100!  Well done, Lauren!

Commiserations go to Chichester but, as you can see, they definitely win in terms of attendance.  Our next match is at home and against last year's champions, Sarisbury.

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