Monday, 16 January 2017

Arthur Lee Cup Round 2 - City vs Havant

Happy New Year everyone!  Yes, it is now 2017 and technically a 'new year', however, over at the club we're right in the middle of the winter leagues and those include the Arthur Lee Cup matches, of which we had our second round match against Havant last Thursday (having beaten West Meon in the first round).

Here's how we did:

Portsmouth City - 1156

I. Cooper (96, 95)
G. Scruton (99, 100)
A. Nevatte (96, 97)
P. Upchurch (91. 95)
S. Hart (98, 97)
R. Ashman (95, 97)
  Havant - 1149

A. Perry (93, 91)
A. Morley (96. 97)
D. Cotton (93, 97)
L. Hanna (97, 97)
M. Nevatte (98, 98)
T. Brown (96, 96)

We had the home advantage once again and thankfully too advantage of it.  So, City progresses to the next round!  No double tonnes this time but we achieved a win and sometimes that's what counts.  The regular shoulder-to-shoulder season starts this week and this Thursday we head for our away match against Chichester (who have recently put together a lovely new website).  Wish us luck! 

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