Wednesday, 25 February 2015

We've finished our Civil Service cards... but who got the best average?

Portsmouth City tends to shoot quite a few competitions with the Civil Service Sports Council's Target Shooting Association.  Last week we finished our 2014/15 winter postal cards.  We had a team of four, plus four other shooters taking part in individual competitions.  We will find out in the following weeks how the team and individuals have done in their respective divisions.

However, there is always healthy competition within the club to get the best average in these competitions.  This season, it was very close at the top:

1st: Marian Nevatte (97.9)
2nd: Adam Nevatte (97.4)
3rd: Gordon Scruton (97.3)

So very well done to our club captain, Marian, for dominating this particular competition and fingers crossed that the high quality of shooting overall will allow the team to win their division and be promoted.

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