Thursday, 5 February 2015

Portsmouth wins again! (PCRC vs Wickham A)

This evening saw Portsmouth City face Wickham A at home.  Earlier in the season, Wickham managed to put an end to our initial winning streak by forcing a draw.  However, tonight was a slightly different story:

Portsmouth City - 489

G. Scruton (97)
A. Nevatte (99)
M. Nevatte (99)
P. Upchurch (90)
S. Hart (95)
I. Cooper (99)
L. Haskett (89)
J. Rowe (92)
 Wickham A - 482

J. Willsher (96)
S. Dismore (98)
J. Cottrill (97)
M. Barnes (94)
R. Heasell (97)
R. Long (92)

So, PCRC chalks up another win this season but there is little time to rest as we face Portsmouth Railway away next Monday.

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