Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Portsmouth City faces league champions, Havant

On the strength of four wins and a draw so far, this evening Portsmouth City faced the current league champions: the very capable Havant.

2013/14 Season
Wins (out of 16)
1st) Havant A
2nd) Sarisbury
3rd) Wickham A
4th) Portsmouth City

Last year PCRC placed 4th in the league.  This season we have managed to secure a win against Sarisbury and achieve a draw with Wickham.  However, the team went into tonight's match knowing that Havant wouldn't make this easy as they had produced an average team score of 490 against us over our last four meetings:

December 2012
(484) Portsmouth City vs Havant (490)

March 2013
(490) Havant vs Portsmouth City (489)

November 2013
(480) Portsmouth City vs Havant (491)

February 2014
(487) Havant vs Portsmouth City (475)

So how did the teams this time round?

Havant - 491

A. Perry (97)
A. Morley (100)
D. Cotton (100)
J. Alexander (96)
F. Slevin (91)
L. Hanna (96)
M. Reynolds (96)
T. Brown (98)
 Portsmouth City - 488

I. Cooper (100)
M. Nevatte (95)
P. Upchurch (94)
A. Nevatte (99)
S. Hart (97)
G. Scruton (97)
L. Haskett (88)
J. Rowe (94)

D. Reeves (84)

Despite a respectable score of 488 (which bumps our season average up to 486.8) PCRC was 4 points short of coming away victorious.  Special congratulations to A. Morley, D. Cotton, and our own Ian Cooper for shooting possibles.

We come away from this one with our heads held high; it was a loss but by no means a disgraceful one.  Of course, congratulations go to Havant for their consistently high quality of shooting against us.

Next week is the last shoulder-to-shoulder match of the year before the Christmas break.  Home against West Meon.

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