Friday, 7 November 2014

1st Round of the 2014/15 Arthur Lee Cup

Last night saw the first round of this year's Arthur Lee Cup being shot at home against Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club.  The shoulder-to-shoulder match was different to our usual efforts in that the teams of six (as opposed to eight) had to shoot two cards each (as opposed to just one card).

The home team (PCRC) managed to achieve a victory.  While neither team was on particularly good form last night, there were a few examples of good marksmanship.

Portsmouth City - 1153

L. Haskett (93, 90)
S. Hart (99, 100)
P. Upchurch (96, 94)
A. Nevatte (97, 99)
G. Scruton (94, 99)
M. Nevatte (97, 95)
  Portsmouth Railway - 1139

J. Ring (96, 96)
C. Coles (94, 97)
C. Richards (97, 92)
M. Carter (96, 91)
J. Stockham (95, 96)
K. Hardyman (94, 95)

Special congratulations go to Sarah Hart for following up her 99 with a possible.

Next week we resume our normal match schedule and enjoy another home match with... Portsmouth Railway, again!  See you guys soon!

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