Sunday, 26 October 2014

PCRC gets off to a great start in the 2014/15 County League!

The Portsmouth and District Rifle Association shoulder-to-shoulder league got under way a few weeks ago.  So far PCRC has had two matches and we've won both of them!

Our first match of the season was an away match against Fareham's A team.  Despite not having a couple of our best shooters, we shot a very respectable 487 (out of a possible 500).  Hard luck to Fareham 'A', but well done to our shooters!

Fareham A - 473

D. Shepperd (98)
T. Read (84)
R. Spencer (90)
N. Grimstead (92)
D. Spendlove (94)
T. Mace (96)
Portsmouth City - 487

I. Cooper (99)
P. Upchurch (98)
M. Nevatte (92)
A. Fallows (83)
G. Scruton (98)
J. Rowe (95)
S. Hart (97)
L. Haskett (89)

Our second match was at home against Sarisbury.  While PCRC managed to win the match with a respectable 486, special congratulations should go to Mr. P. Pearce of Sarisbury for his possible.

Portsmouth City - 486

P. Upchurch (93)
A. Nevatte (97)
R. Ashman (87)
M. Nevatte (92)
S. Hart (99)
J. Rowe (90)
I. Cooper (98)
G. Scruton (99)

L. Haskett (95)
 Sarisbury - 480

P. Pepper (93)
P. Pearce (100)
M. Frost (96)
G. Barber (95)
M. Guille (96)
G. Guille (88)

Go Pompey!

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