Monday, 30 March 2015

Hampshire Postal Results are in!

Over the winter months, the rifle teams of Hampshire shoot against each other in postal matches.  Here's how it breaks down:

10 divisions
8 teams per division
5 shooters per team
14 rounds to shoot

Portsmouth City entered 3 teams this season (our shooters are eager for the competition!) and I'm delighted to say that of the 210 cards shot, there were no NCRs (meaning No Card Returned; meaning unshot cards).

On our A Team was Ian Cooper, Sarah Hart, Adam Nevatte, Marian Nevatte and Gordon Scruton.  This team acquitted itself well in Division 2 and achieved 2nd place (losing first place to Shanklin), winning 9 rounds, drawing 1, and losing 4.

Our B Team (Lauren Haskett, Phil Upchurch, Steph Furness-Barr, Jonathan Rowe and David Owen) managed to pull themselves out of a mid-season slump and similarly achieve second place in Division 7 (Guernsey taking first place).  They also won 9 rounds and lost 5.

The shooters on our C Team (Lou Stafford, Mike McCormick, Adi Fallows, Dave Reeves and Mike Hellyer) have taken advantage of the experience in Division 10 to really hone their competition skills and while they only achieved 5th place, having won 8 and lost 6, we've seen the quality of their shooting improve in leaps and bounds and look forward to even better shooting from them in the coming seasons.  Well done to our sister club, Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club, for their C Team winning this division with 14 wins and no losses!

Portsmouth City A - 2nd Place (Division 2)
Portsmouth City B - 2nd Place (Division 7)
Portsmouth City C - 5th Place (Division 10)

Competition within the club was fierce for the best average within the teams.  In the A team there was a tie this year between Sarah Hart and Gordon Scruton (both achieving a final average of 97.79).  Phil Upchurch achieved the best B Team average with 93.93, and Lou Stafford led the C Team with an average of 91.57.

We've thoroughly enjoyed this season of shooting and have seen a fantastic surge in achievement and energy amongst the teams.  We look forward to building on this in the 2015 summer leagues and, come next year's winter leagues, we hope that many of our newer shooters will be able to make up additional teams that will increase Portsmouth City's contribution to the regional competitions.

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