Sunday, 11 December 2016

City vs Chichester (Mid Season Report)

Thursday evening saw Portsmouth City's final match before the shoulder-to-shoulder season breaks for Christmas and New Year.  This was actually the home match against Chichester that was supposed to start our season but due to bad traffic conditions had to be rescheduled.  Here's how the shooting went:

Portsmouth City - 486

I. Cooper (96)
J. Rowe (96)
S. Hart (98)
L. Haskett (92)
G. Scruton (99)
A. Nevatte (95)
P. Upchurch (97)
T. Sommerville (92)
Chichester - 469

W. Williamson (91)
K. Tulloch (90)
J. Peart (98)
C. Wade (89)
S. Jenkins (94)
N. Logan (92)
G. Hawker (89)
N. Hayward (94)

City's score of 486 was sufficient to win the match and although it continues to nudge our season average down, now standing at 487.3, this is an improvement on our mid-season average last year of 486.7.  Both clubs managed to field a complete team of eight and we look forward to facing Chichester again on their own range in 2017.

So we are now at the mid-point of the 2016/17 season.  City has 10 championship points: 5 wins, 2 losses.  In 2017, we'll face every team again and in face of stiff competition from Wickham, Sarisbury and Havant, we'll need to make sure we win every match to be in with a chance of winning the cup this year.

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