Monday, 28 November 2016

City puts an end to Wickham's winning streak

We at Portsmouth City always have a great time when we shoot against Wickham, and we're of course very happy that Wickham has had such a successful shoulder-to-shoulder season with no losses so far (that is wins against West Meon A, Railway A, Havant, Chichester, Sarisbury and HMS Excellent A).  However, after our loss against Railway A last week, City was keen to get another win under our belt and put an end to Wickham's unbroken streak of wins.

Here's how the match went.

Wickham A - 484

S. Dismore (97)
T. Caister (92)
M. Barnes (97)
R. Heasell (94)
M. Ward (97)
I. Nichols (97)
R. Long (94)
T. Malleson (96)
Portsmouth City - 488

I. Cooper (96)
A. Nevatte (97)
P. Upchurch (96)
S. Hart (98)
G. Scruton (98)
J. Rowe (97)
R. Ashman (98)

So no outstanding scores but a solid performance from our shooters.  Apologies to Wickham for stopping their clean sweep this half of the season.

We have one more match, the reschedule home match against Chichester, next Thursday and then comes the Xmas break.  As the points stand now, we have 8 championship points as a result of 4 wins and wish us luck in getting two more next week against Chi!

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