Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Arthur Lee Cup 2016 (Local Final): City vs Railway

This evening was the local final of the Arthur Lee Cup.  Last year, we reached the local final but were narrowly beaten by Fareham.  This year we managed to get to the final once again but were up against Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club.  The match was kindly officiated by Wayne Dugan of HMS Excellent Rifle Club and was held at Havant.

This match is a little different from our normal shoulder-to-shoulder matches.  This was teams of 6 (instead of the usual 8), shooting 2 cards each (instead of 1), and unlike our other competitions, every team member's scores counted.  Here's how it went:

Portsmouth Railway - 1147

J. Ring (98, 97)
M. Carter (93, 94)
C. Richards (97, 97)
C. Coles (97, 96)
N. Perman (94, 93)
K. Hardyman (94, 97)
  Portsmouth City - 1163

M. Nevatte (98, 98)
S. Hart (95, 100)
G. Scruton (97, 94)
I. Cooper (99, 95)
A. Nevatte (94, 100)
R. Ashman (96, 97)

So Portsmouth City goes on to represent Portsmouth & District this year against Sarisbury, who will represent Southampton & District.  Well done to Sarah Hart and Adam Nevatte for their tonnes.

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