Friday, 25 November 2016

Railway put an end to City's winning streak!

The headline says it all really.  After four shoulder-to-shoulder matches coming away the victors, a less than stellar performance from City presented an opportunity for Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club that they seized and so not only has City suffered a defeat, but a home defeat.  Oh the shame!

Here were the scores:

Portsmouth City - 484

I. Cooper (97)
S. Hart (98)
L. Haskett (96)
G. Scruton (97)
A. Nevatte (95)
R. Ashman (96)
J. Rowe (96)
Portsmouth Railway - 485

J. Ring (96)
M. Carter (94)
K. Hardyman (97)
C. Richards (99)
N. Toms (95)
N. Perman (96)
C. Coles (97)
D. Blake (92)

So by the very slightest of margins, Railway got the better of us.  Well done to them.  Our league team average slides down to 487.4 but with an away match against Wickham A (who are doing very well this season) on Monday, we've got to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and bring our A game for that match.

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