Thursday, 10 November 2016

Arthur Lee Cup Round 1 - City vs West Meon

So tonight was the first round of this season's Arthur Lee Cup - again we were up against West Meon, except this time it was on home territory.  The Arthur Lee matches, unlike regular Portsmouth & District matches, are teams of six shooting two cards each.

Here's how we did:

Portsmouth City - 1177

I. Cooper (99, 98)
A. Nevatte (96, 97)
S. Hart (100, 100)
J. Rowe (98, 95)
G. Scruton (100, 98)
R. Ashman (97, 99)
  West Meon - 1120

G. Stone (94, 96)
A. Smith (95, 95)
M. Atkins (94, 95)
P. Hannington (95, 96)
D. Corbett (96, 95)
G. Dixon (80, 89)

So, we are through to the next round!  Congratulations to Sarah Hart for her excellent double ton!  A ton is special, but a double ton is a whole other level of awesome.  Well done, Sarah!  Well done to the rest of the team as well for a solid performance all round.

We're up against West Meon again next week for the Portsmouth & District league, but next Tuesday it's an away match.  Should be fun!

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