Sunday, 29 January 2017

Defeat at home dashes City's chances of a league win

Thursday evening saw Portsmouth City's home match against the league champions, Sarisbury.  City is still not at full strength and thus unable to field a complete team of eight.  Here's how the match went:

Portsmouth City - 487

R. Ashman (96)
A. Nevatte (97)
I. Cooper (98)
G. Scruton (98)
S. Hart (97)
L. Haskett (97)
Sarisbury - 492

M. Guille (99)
M. Frost (96)
G. Barber (95)
T. Gleed (99)
M. Holdway (98)
P. Pearce (97)
P. Pepper (91)
I. Kuprov (99)

So no embarrassments on either side but no tonnes either.  Well done to Sarisbury for their win - it looks like it could be a close finish between them and Wickham by the end of the season as to who will take the championship.

With this defeat, City now has three losses this season and it is unlikely with Sarisbury and Wickham as strong as they are this year, we'll be in contention for either first or second place.  That said, our current team average of 487.7 is a full one point higher than last year's average of 486.7, so we are improving, but perhaps not quite as much as a couple of our rivals.

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